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Collapsable Flatrack

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Collapsable Flatrack

Collapsable Flatrack from PNW Equipment

Sizes: 20' & 24' & 40' & 53'

There are 2 posts one on each end Collapsable Flatracks allow the ends to Flush Fold into the deck so product can be shipped either on the top of the flooring as a Platform or on the top of the Posts.

Common Uses for a Collapsable Flatrack:

- Lumber
- Shipping of large Equipment (such as Boats/Tractors/Oversized Vehicles)
- Construction Material
- Break Bulk Product
- Piping
- Over Sized Equipment

One of the nice features of a Collapsable Flatrack is the customer can load their product from the side.


Dimensions 20' & 24' & 40' & 53

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