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IBCs Intermediate Bulk Containers TOTES

IBCs Intermediate Bulk Containers TOTES from PNW Equipment, Inc.

Pacific Northwest Equipment Inc., both sells and leases IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous products. They are a great alternative to 55 gallon drums, IMO/T- Tanks, or flexitanks. Whether it be gasoline, diesel, lubricants, or food grade products this alternative transport equipment could be the right fit for your needs.

IBCs are constructed out of T 304 Stainless Steel complete with fork pockets, lifting eyes, and sloped bottom to facilitate discharge. They have a 22' man lid for cleaning or loading as well as a 2" ball valve fitting located at the bottom of the tank. IBCs are stackable as well.

IBCs are suitable for the carriage of UN II and III groups of dangerous goods. IBCs are also suitable for flammable and combustible liquids noted in Title 49 CFR.


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