Marine Cargo Containers - Sales / Leasing

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PNW EQUIPMENT, INC.If you would like information about what we do, or would like to contact us regarding your shipping container needs please call 1 (800) 659-0147 or use the following form:

1. What dimensions do containers come in?
Industry standard is 20' & 40' Lengths but, we can build any size that you require.

2. How do you prevent moisture or "Sweat" from building up inside of the storage container?
If you are near an electrical source, run an extension cord underneath the door gasket to a small fan to keep the air circulating inside the container.

3. How are the containers delivered on the ground?
A semi truck with a low bed hydraulic trailer backs into the desired location and gently slides the container length wise to the ground.  The driver will need to exit straight out as he is pointed after the delivery.

4. How are the containers picked up off of the ground?
The driver backs up to door end or the back end of the container and winches it back onto the trailer.

5. How much room do the trucks need to deliver pickup or move?
Our trucks are 75' long from bumper to bumper we require 125' of   maneuvering room in a straight shoot.  Allow 10' of width.

6.  Can PNW drop the container on any surface?
PNW can deliver on any surface providing that it is stable. We need firm ground so the trucks do not get stuck. We have been known to drop containers on Grass, Gravel, Concrete & asphalt. We have many customers that have us drop the unit on rail road ties to lift the container off of the ground.

7. Does someone need to be on site for delivery or removal of my equipment?
Yes, PNW requires that someone be on site to direct the driver for placement and pickup. We also have a Bill of Lading that we need to get signed at the time of delivery or pickup. We ask that you list any damages to the container on the Bill of Lading at the time of delivery.

8. Is there a limit to how long I can lease my container?
Yes, there is a 60 day minimum requirement to leasing equipment (unless other arrangements have been made).  But there is no obligations after the 60 day rental period.

9. Does PNW offer Modifications to Containers?
Purchasing - Yes, if you purchase a container we offer many modifications from Roll up doors, turbine vents, windows and also Man Doors.  We can pretty much modify a container to your to meet your specifications.  We also build NEW containers to meet your requirement.

Rentals - We do not modify our storage containers that we lease out.

10. Is my container going to be secure?
There are two places to install your own pad locks for security. For additional security please discussion the option of the lock box.

11. Can I come and pick out the container I am going to purchase?
Yes, we would be more than happy to show you a few containers and let you pick out the one that you want. Another option is for us to email you some of our current for sale pictures.