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PNW Trucking

PNW drops It where you need it

PNW has the ability to deliver on-the-ground 10', 20', and, 40' storage containers to most locations.  These secure and lockable dry storage containers are great for use by the average business to the busy construction company.  PNW's company owned and operated trucks ensure fast and reliable service to our customers.

PNW also has the ability to move customer owned empty containers.  Our semi trucks are equipped with 'low-boy' hydraulic trailers that are 75' long. We require 125' of maneuvering room in a straight shot to the container location for pickups and deliveries.  We do require that all containers being moved are empty.

How are containers Delivered?

A semi truck with a 'low-boy' hydraulic trailer backs into the desired location and gently slides the container length wise to the ground. The truck will then need to be able to exit straight out same course as delivery.

How are containers Picked up?

The driver backs up to door end or the front end of the container and winches in back on the trailer. 

Competive pricing, outstanding customer service, and skilled delivery personnel make our storage container operation an efficient system upon which you can rely.